Optical Glass Strip:

Our partner Hubei New Huaguang (NHG) located in Xiangfan, China is one of the largest manufacturers of optical and specialty glass in the world with an annual production of over 7,000 tons. NHG has been producing glass since 1969 and is ISO9001:2000 certified.

We produce over 93 glass types including. Data sheets for our glasses can be found here. Currently, we produce 79 RoHS-compliant types and 14 leaded compositions still important for achieving the best possible optical performance. NHG is fortunate to draw on the services and expertise of Dr. T. Izumitani, the world’s foremost expert in optical glass technology. He has been instrumental in advancing the process capabilities and quality of NHG glass.

All glass materials undergo rigorous quality examination for:

  • Index of refraction
  • Bubbles and inclusions
  • Internal stress and birefringence
  • Internal transmission
  • Size uniformity

Standard strip sizes range from 100-200mm in width, 10-150mm in thickness and standard lengths of 300-400mm. We also produce round and rectangular extruded bars.

Glass Blanks

  • Direct-Pressed Blanks: Direct-pressed blanks are formed directly from the melting tank and are the most economical solution for high-volume production of optical components. Lens and prism blanks are produced in sizes from 10-100mm or 20-350g.
  • Re-Heat Pressed Blanks: Glass strip is cut and processed into accurate and uniform gobs for molding into custom shapes and sizes ranging from 5-300mm.
  • Fine Gob: We offer a selection of special glass types that are suitable for precision lens molding. These glass types are designated by a prefix “D-“.

NHG Glass Type Cross Reference

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